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Blogs by Ten Alps staff, or coverage about Ten Alps by external sites - on creative or media issues. Opinions are not necessarily Ten Alps corporate policy, or expressed on Ten Alps' behalf. Neither individually nor together are blogs financial statements. Only RNS statements (here) represent trading, regulatory and financial statements of Ten Alps Plc.

Roger Graef on BBC Radio 4 on Tom Winsor's appointment as new Police Chief

8th June 2012

Criminologist and filmmaker Roger Graef, Films of Record, debates the choice of former rail regulator Tom Winsor as the preferred new Chief Inspector of Constabulary for England and Wales.

Newton reaches bigger audience since April launch

11th May 2012

Since its launch on the Guardian website in April 2012 Newton is reaching an audience of 500,000 every week'. Latest film on the Human Brain drawing inspiration from the Human Genome Project, neuroscientists in the US want to map all the neural pathways in the human brain, revealing for the first time the physical structure of individual memories and even the faulty wiring that may underlie some psychiatric conditions http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/video/2012/may/07/human-connectome-project-roadmap-brain-video

Press reviews on Great Ormond Street - Series Two

9th May 2012

Second time Films of Record have gained unique access to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Six-part series started Tuesday 8 May 2012 with Episode 1, `A Difficult Line'. The programme took a candid, unsentimental look at the teams working with young cancer victims.the difficult ethics underlying daily decisions in the Hospital.

Roger Graef interviewed on Met racism on Radio 5 Live

17th April 2012

Roger Graef was recently interviewed regarding his views on racism within the Met Polce on R5 Live 6 April 2012, 10.30am.

CERN People on Start The Week

Monday at 9am BBC Radio 4

On Start the Week Liz Mermin delves into the world of particle physics for her latest film venture for Fuilms of Record, spending a year at CERN. While work there continues to try and understand the fundamental laws of nature, Mermin attempts to understand the people behind the experiments.

The Detail.TV celebrates one year

14th March 2012

To mark the big day, editor of the Detail, Ruth O’Reilly, reflects on what the past year has brought. The Detail is produced by Belfast-based independent TV and online production company Below the Radar, which is owned by UK wide independent producer Ten Alps Plc.

Press reviews on the launch of CERN People

28th February 2012

CERN People - Film vignettes & written reflections on life at CERN throughout 2012 curated by Films of Record

Films of Record documentary prompts statement for reform by CSJ

14th December 2011

Gavin Poole, Executive Director, of the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has issued the below statement following an advance viewing of The Truth About Adoption, a Panorama Special to be aired on BBC One, Wednesday 14th December 2011 by Films of Record, a Ten Alps Company Click to read

Fiona Stourton at RTS 'The Future of Investigative Journalism'

10th November 2011

Fiona Stourton, Creative Director, Ten Alps Group - Blakeway, Brook Lapping, Films of Record and Below The Radar was a guest peaker at Royal Television Society event held on 7 November 2011.

9/11 Day That Changed The World scores highest factual audience ratings this year for ITV

7th October 2011

Brook Lapping's inside account of the terrorist attacks on New York in 2001 drew more than 5m viewers in primetime. Made by veteran film-maker Leslie Woodhead and featured interviews and accounts from many of the senior US decision makers of the time, including former vice president Dick Cheney and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Read the full article by Jake Kanter at Broadcast Magazine here

Roger Graef was host and curator of Wellcome Trust's 75th Anniversary of its film archive

21st September 2011

Documentary film-maker and journalist Roger Graef hosted and curated a special film event for the Wellcome Trust’s 75th Anniversary highlighting the Trust's extensive film archives and more recent film projects.

Great reviews on 911: Day That Changed the World

2nd September 2011

Brook Lapping's two-hour documentary marking the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States which shocked the world.

Fiona Stourton `Telling Stories' at the Edinburgh Festival

30th August 2011

Fiona Stourton, Creative Director for Ten Alps TV, was invited on the panel of MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Festival The Network Masterclass "Telling Stories"

Peter Salmon Director of BBC North on Cancer Trials: Behind the scenes at The Christie

3rd August 2011

This is a remarkable piece of journalism from Blakeway North in Manchester and a direct result of our Kicker Fund investment in new programmes for the network. I defy anyone not to be humbled by the bravery of everyone featured in the programme. Read full story.

dbda presents to global FIA road safety scholars

6th July 2011

Bill Smith, Business Development Director at dbda, gave a presentation on road safety education from around the world, covering all aspects of road user education from early years through to young drivers. Read full story

Reviews for Cutting Edge: Breaking a Female Paedophile Ring

17th June 2011

Blakeway special report on Britain's biggest child abuse investigations in 2009...

Corporate social responsibility, Big Society and the bottom line

9th March 2011

Alex Connock, chief executive of Ten Alps, looks at corporate social responsibility (CSR) and argues that it is becoming intrinsic to business success...

Teachers TV featured on Radio 4

8th March 2011

The innovative narrowcast education service was featured in a BBC programme

Reviews for This World: Pakistan's Flood Doctor.

14th December 2010

Jane Corbin's amazing report on Pakistan's Flood Doctor, a Below the Radar production for This World broadcast on Monday (13 December) on BBC2 at 7pm

Geldof on journalism

7th October 2010

Bob Geldof talks about the primacy of online journalism, and journalism in general, in conflict resolution and other fields, at the launch of Below the Radar's investigative site The Detail at the BBC Digital conference in Belfast

'Strong ratings for Panorama Kids in Care'

6th October 2010

Panorama special, Kids in Care, attracts 3.7 million viewers

Reviews for Super Nurses

30th September 2010

In this Blakeway Production for Sky, News presenter Kay Burley has embarked on a very personal mission - to highlight the work done by a group of special people who help families deal with cancer.

Filmmaker Roger Graef debates UK's Prison reform on BBC Today programme

22nd September 2010

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has signalled that significant changes are ahead in the criminal justice system. Two criminal justice experts from each side of the Atlantic - filmmaker Roger Graef and the Harvard professor of Criminology Christopher Stone, consider some of the possible changes.

Alex Connock on the BBC Breakfast show moving to Salford

16th July 2010

Alex in Manchester evening news

Kimberley on Breakfast TV

16th June 2010

Kimberley Walsh talking about the documentary she is presenting about the history of jeans

Ten Alps Vision launches new showreel

12th May 2010

Edinburgh and Newcastle-based communications agency Ten Alps Vision highlights its latest creative work

Roger Graef blogs for the Guardian

21st April 2010

Roger Graef, writer, filmmaker, broadcaster and criminologist from Films of Record, on how documentaries have survived the threat from reality television.

Films of Record new series reviewed by Cassandra Jardine, Telegraph

29th March 2010

Films of Record's new series for the BBC explores the reasons why fathers lose touch with their children post-separation. Read Cassandra Jardine, Daily Telegraph review.

World Screen Video Interview: Brian Lapping

25th March 2010

Considered by many to be one of the greatest documentary filmmakers working in television today, Brian Lapping talks in this video interview about the highlights of his long career and the challenges of making thoughtful, landmark docs today.

Reviews for The Berlusconi Show

19th March 2010

Italy's prime minister is generally seen as so bizarre that it requires an act of will to remember that he is in charge of a European country; the older he gets, the more determined he seems to behave like the more decadent Roman emperors. In this terrific documentary, Italian-born journalist Mark Franchetti returns to his homeland to consider the Berlusconi phenomenon.

Rave Previews for Requiem for Detroit?

16th March 2010

An astonishing film about the rise and fall of one of America’s once great cities. Its empty motorways and trees growing thru train stations and post offices are like THE ROAD with hope – and a warning about the fate of post-industrial cities everywhere. The LSE are holding a public screening and seminar with leading urbanists in follow up.

Blog by Alex Connock on Grant Thornton site on how oratory is back in business....

22nd January 2010

Blog by Alex Connock on Grant Thornton site on how oratory is back in business....

Jerry Hall blogs on Elvis for Ten Alps

22nd December 2009

Jerry Hall has written a Christmas blog for Ten Alps about the influence of gospel on Elvis Presley

The media needs clever tax breaks - Alex Connock on Grant Thornton site

17th December 2009

Is there a specific cultural or UK-strategic reason why film is more important to the nation than, say, computer game, intellectual property creation or online publishing?

Des Shaw talks about his Radio 2 programme on the Rolling Stones' infamous Let It Bleed tour

10th December 2009

`Shedding Hippie Blood’ is the story of the Rolling Stones `Let it Bleed’ US tour of 1969, a momentous moment in rock history that defined an era. Des Shaw talks on audio about the making of the programme.

Brian Lapping and Norma Percy at History Makers 2010

4th December 2009

In the Master Class series, award-winning producers, directors and writers share their techniques and stories. Brian and Norma will discuss the art of investigative history and how they persuade the world’s top leaders tell inside stories of their interactions with each other at moments of crisis.

Trevor Birney discusses the impact of Digital Britain in Northern Ireland

2nd December 2009

Below the Radar's Trevor Birney makes the case for an online-specific, Digital Britain news pilot to address the downturn in local journalism resources in Northern Ireland.

Up the North: Alex Connock calls @ Manchester Business School for North-wide media equity finance

2nd December 2009

Alex Connock for the whole of the North of the UK to merge its strategic efforts to raise equity capital for media industry development - Northwest, Northeast, Scotland, Northern Ireland - rather than competing regionally.

BBC Radio 4 Media Show: Alex Connock discusses news consortea

25th November 2009

Ten alps CEO Alex Connock discusses Ten Alps' joint plan with Press Association and Trinity Mirror for a North East news consortium on BBC Radio 4's Media Show. Find interview 22 minutes in.

Geldof addresses Belfast's 'Sluggerotoole' political awards on Northern Ireland's exclusion from Digital Britain funding

25th November 2009

Bob Geldof tells Northern Ireland's political establishment: 'The old media have managed to get a lock out on any new funding coming into Northern Ireland for finding out what sort of local news, or new ways of delivering it, may be possible.' Watch video & read text.

Ruth O'Reilly writes in Belfast Newsletter about looming Digital Britain democratic deficit

24th November 2009

Below the Radar's Ruth O'Reilly argues that Northern Ireland is in danger of being left behind in Digital Britain following its exclusion by the DCMS from the independent news consortea process.

The challenges in making Dispatches - Tom Porter - Real Screen

24th November 2009

Tom Porter, series producer for Ten Alps company Blakeway Productions, details the challenges and benefits of producing a fast turnaround a program about breakfast cereals and health claims for Channel 4's 'Dispatches' strand.

Trinity Mirror, Press Association and Ten Alps' DCMS bid for local news gets wide coverage

20th November 2009

The story was covered in the Guardian, Media Week, Press Gazzette, Broadcast, How-Do and many local papers.

`Ten Alps playbook' seen as way to save regional newspapers - PaidContent: UK

15 November 2009

The Society of Regional Newspaper Editors’ conference heard Sunday 15 November that Ten Alps has pioneered radical solutions for their business models – work with local councils and move to classified video advertising

Hanoi Filmmakers – Sarah Macdonald – Ten Alps Asia

13th November 2009

Sarah Macdonald,Managing Director of Ten Alps Asia, is producing a First Time Filmmakers competition for Discovery Channel in Vietnam. Here she writes about one of the strange characters she has met along the way.

Geldof calls for Parliament committee hearing on Ten Alps' Northern Ireland plans - Bob Geldof - Belfast Telegraph

5th November 2009

Ten Alps co-founder Bob Geldof has called for Ten Alps' plans for Northern Ireland news pilots under Digital Britain to be given a fair hearing by the Northern Ireland committee.

Percy pleads to protect BBC - Norma Percy - Broadcast

4th November 2009

Award winning documentary maker Norma Percy launched a passionate plea to the government last night, urging politicians to protect the BBC and its licence fee.

Opposition attack government rail policy at Ten Alps conference - Passenger Transport Conference '09, Manchester


Transport Minister Sadiq Khan MP heard UK rail privatisation criticised at Ten Alps conference. Shadow Transport MinisterStephen Hammond MP: “Even after upgrade the West Coast main line would be one of the most overcrowded pieces or railway within the next 5 years.”

Sheffield Doc Festival - Alex Connock, Audioboo/C21

4th November 2009

Ten Alps CEO Alex Connock discusses plans to digitize his company's entire catalogue of documentaries, and argues the case for high-end factual.

Filming Panorama: The Child Protectors - Emma Loach - Broadcast

2nd November 2009

In the wake of the Baby P scandal, Panorama follows employees in Coventry tasked with identifying “at risk” children to find out if they are being kept safe. Producer/director Emma Loach explains the hurdles that Films of Record had to overcome to make the film.

Health for All - Bob Geldof - Kent TV

2nd November 2009

East Kent charity Health for All sends nurses and midwives from Kent to India and Ethiopia to share medical skills with the developing countries, a subject close to Bob Geldof's heart.

Fighting Passions – Denys Blakeway – The Independent

29th October 2009

BBC2 wanted a film about how it feels to kill. With our troops still engaged in Afghanistan, this was a chance to explore the previously taboo subject of what men do in the most extreme situations in battle.

C&binet forum on what next for TV – Alex Connock - Broadcast

28th October 2009

Alex Connock reports on the government’s C&binet conference on British digital creativity, revealing what Simon Fuller and Ashley Highfield had to say about the future of television.

TV’s Fast Forward evolution – Alex Connock - Broadcast

22nd October 2009

The economic situation is spurring innovation across the TV industry, says Alex Connock.

PSB Funding as digital switchover looms – Roger Graef, Films of Record – Broadcast

25th September 2009

As the digital switchover approaches, the funding for ambitious PSB programming is ever more at risk, writes Roger Graef.

How to protect creativity – Roger Graef, Films of Record – C21

22nd September 2009

UK HITMAKERS: Films Of Record founder and documentary pioneer Roger Graef talks to C21TV about how to protect creativity, boost ratings, the role of the BBC, and how he created one of the first coproduction agreements in factual television.

And Finally…. – Kate Botting, Brook Lapping - Broadcast

10th September 2009

What are your top albums, books and films? A Place Of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel - a novel set in revolutionary France; Darkest Longings - a brilliantly bad romantic novel; anything by Thomas Hardy; Zeffirelli’s Romeo And Juliet; and Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf.

Making Storyville about the Beatles – Leslie Woodhead, Brook Lapping – Real Screen

3rd September 2009

In August 1962, I made a little film about four unknown kids playing guitars in a Liverpool cellar. Looking at that film now for my documentary How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin, I'm startled by how the energies of the fledgling Fab Four punch through the primitive film technologies of the early '60s.

Recession Bites But the Show must go on – Alex Connock – Grant Thornton Entrepreneurs

26th August 2009

This week, many of the people around the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a bellwether of American showbusiness even before The Eagles put it on the cover of Hotel California, seem to be North London property developers. One I know said there was so little business at home that he had taken his family on a six-week tour of America. That’s the way to play it.

Obeying the Law on Ideas – Roger Graef, Films of Record - Broadcast

16th August 2009

As Films of Record celebrates its 30th anniversary, founder Roger Graef argues that taking lessons from the past on budgets and accountability is the route to regaining creativity.

Bigger Bandwidth needs bigger brands – Alex Connock - Broadcast

4th August 2009

Is the secret to turning Britain into a global media powerhouse about the technical facilities and the digital connectivity, or backing showbiz impresarios who can motivate the talent to create something special, asks Alex Connock.

Manchester needs the Hollywood treatment – Alex Connock – Grant Thornton Entrepreneurs

1st August 2009

Alex Connock, CEO, Ten Alps: Manchester doesn’t just have a spectacular new Media City. It has a new branding too – ‘original modern.’

Things You Didn’t Know About – Eve Kay, Films of Record - Broadcast

13th July 2009

Eve Kay began her career in factual entertainment production over 15 years ago when she worked as a researcher and assistant producer at the BBC and Channel 4.

TV Review – Sarah Murch, Blakeway – Broadcast

9th July 2009

Grosvenor Avenue looks much like any other North London street, but back in the 1970s, it was home to a group of revolutionary young radicals who decided to set up a commune and raise their kids collectively. The kids shared mums and dads, and also a surname – they all became ‘Wilds’. The movement spread across the UK.

Alex Connock - Mediaville

1st July 2009

We might not have got a barbecue Summer, but it does promise to be a vintage Autumn – in the media at least.

Local News pilots mean choices – Alex Connock - Broadcast

1st July 2009

Considering the headline question, Alex Connock says the choice could come down to ITV incumbents after an adrenalin shot of public money vs. newspaper groups with boots on the ground and TV producer partners.

Wake up to the all-media world – Alex Connock – Grant Thornton Entrepreneurs

1st July 2009

Alex Connock, CEO, Ten Alps : EDINBURGH – This was always going to be a TV festival in turmoil, with Big Brother on the way out (two years too late), Google capturing ad revenues from commercial broadcasting, and so much more to discuss.

My Career – Trevor Birney, Below the Radar - Broadcast

18th June 2009

At 17, I started out at one of Ireland’s oldest and most respected weekly newspapers, The Impartial Reporter, based in my home town of Enniskillen. It was family-owned back then and the paper paid for me to go to college to study journalism. It changed my life.

My Life in TV and Radio – Eve Kay, Films of Record - Broadcast

18th June 2009

Eve Kay on receiving death threats, dumbing down and her admiration for Mad Men’s sexist Don Draper.

TV Review – Ruth O’Reilly, Below the Radar – Broadcast

28th May 2009

Like many people, I first heard about Tourette’s Syndrome through John Davidson. John is the star of the extraordinary 1988 film John’s Not Mad, which reveals his life encumbered with tics, making him bark obscenities and jolt involuntarily.

TV interview for Germany's Documentary Campus - Alex Connock

23rd May 2009

360, cross media, future trends, HD, new media, topics, success recipe, online TV, online strategy

How we interviewed a High School shooter – Storm Theunissen, Blakeway - Broadcast

21st May 2009

Going Postal producer Storm Theunissen says fostering community relationships was key.

Killing in the Name of – Blakeway - Broadcast

21st May 2009

When army trainees are sent to the frontlines the cliché kill or be killed goes along with them. Killing on the job is something that soldiers who come back from war often don't talk about, and something civilians can't fathom.

The State of Current Affairs – Trevor Birney, Below the Radar – Real Screen

21st May 2009

Channels in the UK are promising more attention to current affairs programs, but are we seeing the increase yet? In his own words Trevor Birney, MD of UK prodco and Ten Alps company Below the Radar, explains the state of current affairs programming, particularly in relation to the Suzanne Breen case in Ireland.

TV Review - Eve Kay, Films of Record - Broadcast

6th May 2009

Alasdair MacCuish and Eve Kay review the latest TV shows.

Unique pitches – Kate Botting, Brook Lapping – Real Screen

1st May 2009

Brook Lapping EP Kate Botting's tips on bringing something unique to the table for tried and true subject matter.